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Renting a Campervan for your holiday, here are the Top 7 tips

Renting a Campervan for your holiday, here are the Top 7 tips

Seven tips for renting a campervan or motorhome for a seamless experience

Are you planning on renting a campervan or motorhome for your holiday trip for the first time? Below are seven tips to help you enjoy your holiday on the road and traverse various places seamlessly.

1: Start By Developing A Plan For Your Trip

Many holidaymakers rent a campervan or motorhome to travel to their destinations and experience a great time. If you are considering travelling to a holiday destination, going for a coast-to-coast road trip, or a fortnight holiday with your family; renting a campervan is a perfect idea, mainly for its affordability and the convenience it offers.

During the initial part of this article, we will show you what to look for when selecting the ideal vehicle for the trip, the facilities you can expect to find there, and what it is likely to cost you to rent a van or motorhome.

2: Berths Vs. The Number Of Passengers

A berth is a space in the campervan legally set aside for one passenger to sleep. For example, if the campervan has two berths, only two people can legally sit in the vehicle.

Always take note of stringent road rules when putting on seatbelts. Essentially, the law stops you from having a third passenger in the back of a campervan with two berths.

Top 7 tips for renting a Campervan for your holiday
These seven campervan rental tips will help you enjoy your holiday on the road and traverse various places seamlessly

3: The Vehicle’s Transmission

You do not want to collect your vehicle only to find out that you booked a manual campervan and do not have much experience driving a manual campervan.

Often, campervans are manual transmissions. However, there are alternatives to enable you to switch to your preferred automatic transmission.

4: License Regulations

If you intend to travel abroad, you must have a valid international and primary driver’s license when collecting the campervan. These requirements are not always mandatory; nonetheless, researching state laws and related conditions can help avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Also, be sure of your vehicle’s number plate as this can make any legal procedures much easier.

5: Age Limitations

To hire a campervan in Ireland, many campervan rental companies insist potential hirers be over 21 years of age. Despite one meeting the age requirement, the hirer may have to pay a ‘young drivers fee’ due to their age.

6: Power Sources In The Campervan

Some campervans are designed with power hook-ups to enable you to recharge them at powered campsites. These facilities might be critical when you need to charge your electrical devices like laptops, cameras, or phones or preserve food in the fridge in the vehicle.

7: Additional Fees

When looking for a campervan to rent for a few days, it is easy to go for a cheap daily rate believing it is the right decision. However, ensure you confirm if there are any additional fees you need to pay.

Commonly, you might need to pay extra for the “living equipment” such as bedding and kitchen facilities. Therefore, ensure you check the facilities included in the package before deciding if you will need to hire extra items for the trip.

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