June 24, 2024

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7 Tips For When You Are Travelling Alone

7 Tips For When You Are Travelling Alone

Solo travel has been on the rise for the past few years now. While growing up, I too always had a hankering for exoloring the world on my own. Twenty years down the line, when I finally did get an opportunity, I couldn’t contain my happiness and excitement. The follow-up days were spent packing and surfing the internet looking for options for stay, places to eat and destinations to see.

Soon, as the travel date started approaching closer, I was extremely thrilled to be finally able to travel alone for the first time. Yet, somehow, I also found myself in a state of worry. From the how-to’s to the what-if’s relating to the trip, my mind was all over the place. However, even though the idea in itself seemed challenging and scary, the eagerness to explore my favorite destination kept me going. First, I sat down and started working on a mind map. Away from home, I knew I would have limited resources and so, a solid travel strategy would be needed to sail through the trip smoothly.

From my personal experience, here are 7 tips for solo travel that will help you if you are planning to go on a solo trip and feel your anxiety kicking all over about it.

Share your trackable location

First things first, your family and friends must know about your whereabouts. A trackable location is a good option in case you’re unavailable and cannot use your cellphone. With this, you can send them important information, like where you’re staying, the contact number of the person in charge of the stay, the travel agency’s name and number, etc. Doing this saves you and your family a lot of time and unnecessary worry. If they can’t get a hold of you, they can still know that you are safe and sound.

Always have an emergency plan handy

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It is essential to always be on your toes and be prepared if in case a worst-case scenario occurs. Search for nearby hospitals, doctors, and police stations for emergency visits or calls. Consult your doctor before leaving for any medical issues or allergies and accordingly carry your prescribed medicines so you don’t have to face any hassle there. It is always good to be ready with preventive measures, this way you can travel freely without fretting about anything.

Carry out a safety review before you leave

Travelling to a new place can be a daunting thought. Being the first visit, it is obvious that you will not know what is good or what is bad. Search online or get in touch with locals to learn more about the location and what is doable there. You can inquire about safe places to stay, modes of transport that can be used, and the time till when it will be safe to wander off alone. Your safety comes first so always keep that in check and do not engage with anything that seems or sounds shady to you. Even with hotels, try to book a room that is preferably nearby to other tourist families or solo travelers to be on the safer side.

Invest in travel insurance

Stop unplanned incidents from ruining your travel plans and investment. Travel insurance that covers interruptions and canceled plans can help you get paid back for your covered losses like those brought on by inclement weather, disaster, certain medical conditions, or any other issues. The travel insurance plan can protect you against unforeseen personal or other losses as well as dissipation of luggage misplacement, theft, and others.

Check the weather forecast

Knowing the weather forecast can help you plan ahead for your day out. According to the weather conditions, you can stay prepared and carry suitable valuables. In an instance of rain, get an umbrella and a jacket so that the weather does not put a hold on your plans. Carry extra pair of gloves, socks, and caps too, if required depending upon the place you are going to. Since your trip schedule is limited and you can not waste time staying in, it is best to plan before to avoid any weather-related trouble.

By taking a look at the weather condition you can also take a call on whether you want to go out at all or not. Some places might get closed due to certain weather and if such a situation arises you can either stay in and chill or switch any other day’s following plan with this one.

Carry cash

Always keep some cash handy or in your purse. There will be locations where your internet will not work, or where the shops or local vendors will not accept online payments. In that case, you must go prepared and carry a suitable amount in cash. Do not waste it unnecessarily so that when it is needed, you can wisely spend it on necessities.

These are just some of the efficient travel tips you can inculcate in your to-do list. Make sure you eat well and keep yourself hydrated. Feel good about the trip and get an early start to explore in length. We get your wanderlust high so worry not, a well-organized travel plan will make your trip a perfect and memorable one.