June 25, 2024

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‘Travellers be warned’: New set of rules to guide the behaviour of holidaymakers in tourist hotspot Bali

‘Travellers be warned’: New set of rules to guide the behaviour of holidaymakers in tourist hotspot Bali

Let’s talk about sex, roosters and mopeds.

All three are causing some alarm in Bali, the idyllic Indonesian island that is a mecca for 2.1 million tourists a year, many from Australia.

Travellers be warned. Bali Governor Wayan Koster has put his foot down, accusing visitors of cultural insensitivity and wantonly breaking the law. He has issued an edict banning foreigners from renting mopeds or motorcycles.

The governor is also furious that tourists have dared to complain about roosters waking them up by crowing at dawn. 

The roosters were part of Balinese culture, and many were pets Koster told Tempo, an Indonesian news service.

“Dozens of foreign tourists have recently sent a petition to the South Kuta administration in Badung over the sounds of roosters they deemed noisy in the nearby neighbourhood where these tourists reside at the Anumaya Bay View in Jimbaran,” Tempo reported. 

The governor summoned local officials and told them to disregard the petition.

The moped and bike ban follows complaints of 170 traffic violations in a recent three-month period.

Offences ranged from unruly behaviour to driving without helmets or licences or both.

“You should not roam about the island using motorbikes, without wearing shirts or clothes, no helmet, and even without a licence,” Koster fumed.

Tourist chiefs said travellers will in future have to visit attractions in shared cars arranged by travel agents.

Meanwhile, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs reports that Indonesia is moving to ban sexual intercourse for singles.

“The Indonesian Parliament has passed revisions to its criminal code, which includes penalties for cohabitation and sex outside of marriage,” the statement read.

“These revisions will not come into force for three years.”

The department did not speculate on how Indonesian officials intended to police the new law.

Indonesia to ban sex outside of marriage

As tourism bounces back after being hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, the tourism board published a set of rules to guide tourists.

These included: Confine skimpy beachwear to appropriate venues; Do not post offensive, vulgar pictures to social medial; Avoid drunk and indecent behaviour in public, and; Respect the local people and our culture.

Bali remains one of the great holiday destinations and the new rules seem to me to be common courtesies that could equally apply to Bondi or Surfers Paradise.

Bali was given a boost recently when The Times of London described it as the “Island of the Gods”.

“Bali is arguably one of the most alluring destinations in the world,” it said.

And why not. It is comparatively cheap with fabulous arts and crafts, diverse food offerings scores of pristine coral reefs and surfing beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

There are around 20,000 temples in Bali. The Times says the “unmissables” include Tanah Lot, Pura Pulaki and Uluwatu.

There are also hiking trails running through rice fields, inside volcanic calderas and past secret waterfalls.


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