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Summer Vacation Spots: Best Places for a Relaxing and Unforgettable Getaway

Summer Vacation Spots: Best Places for a Relaxing and Unforgettable Getaway

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When one hears “summer,” the first thought that comes to mind is one of the best summer vacation spots. Even though it seems thrilling, picking the best summer vacation spots across the globe for the ideal trip is a laborious process in and of itself.

Because of this, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best summer vacation spots to make your foreign trip unforgettable. You have a variety of alternatives to pick from, from affordable to opulent locations.

North, South, East, and West have all been covered. While Puerto Rico is our top choice for the best summer vacation spots, every other place on the list is distinctive in its own right and will delight you.

So, start reading if you want to have one of the best summer vacation spots ever!

1. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Puerto Rico

The best tropical holiday destinations for Puerto Ricans can be found on small, tropical islands in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and the US unincorporated territory.

El Yunque National Forest and other well-known tropical locations are home to fantastic flora and animals of very distinct and unique kinds that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

For fans of the sea, Puerto Rico has some of the most stunning and spectacular sandy beaches and numerous, untouched by civilization, coral reefs that you can explore, also known as the “rich port.”

If you don’t want to enjoy tranquility with a drink on the sand, there are several things to do in Puerto Rico . You can ramp up your adrenaline with many exciting activities like sailing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, etc.

San Juan, the country’s capital, is home to a wealth of architectural and cultural treasures, which give you the opportunity to enrich your understanding of the world, enjoy other cultures, and bask in architectural masterpieces.

If you just want to enjoy yourself and relax, there are many best hotels in Puerto Rico and upscale restaurants, casinos, and casual drinking establishments. Puerto Rico is the perfect destination if you live on the East Coast and are looking for a cheap tropical getaway.

2. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Cappadocia

This wonderful city is renowned for its extraordinary rock formations, some with caverns with historic Islamic inscriptions.

This location is ideal for a romantic honeymoon, a family’s best summer vacation ideas, or even a solitary backpacking journey, mixed with Turkey’s unique culture and interesting history, making it one of the greatest destinations in May outside of India.

People are drawn to Cappadocia for more than just its balloon-filled sky. Its maze-like subterranean civilizations, tunnels, and ravines will astound you and make you want to remain here forever.

See for yourself why this is one of the best summer vacation spots in the world by visiting this stunning location.

  • Season: April through May
  • How to Get There: Take a flight to Istanbul, then a bus or a rented car to Cappadocia.
  • Places to Visit: Hasanda, Uchisar Castle, Pasabag, and Pigeon Valley.
  • Activities include hiking, cave exploring, and hot air ballooning.
  • Accommodations include Cappadocia Cave Suites, The Cappadocia Hotel, and Cappadocia Caves Hotel.
  • Restaurants: Inci Cave, Topdeck Cave, Cappadocian Cuisine.
  • Language: Cappadocian. The Turkish lira is used in Greece (TRY).

To keep hydrated, carry two water bottles with you everywhere you go.

3. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Rwanda

Our first group visits since the pandemic’s onset, two Insider Journeys trips to Rwanda were led by Indagare’s founder Melissa Biggs Bradley in 2020, and other staff members went along.

All of them came home in amazement at the country’s quick response to the epidemic, as well as the beauty of its natural surroundings, the majestic nature of its critically endangered mountain gorillas, and the fortitude and allure of its people.

Since the epidemic, Rwanda is a great location to start a first vacation abroad. Luxury lodges like Bisate, Magashi Camp, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, and Singita Kwitonda provide a luxurious home base to unwind after hiking or safari.

4. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Maldives

Surfers, scuba divers, beach lovers, and honeymooners will find a water wonderland in this country of more than a thousand little islands to fulfill their tropical desires.

Escape to one of the numerous opulent overwater bungalows and beachside villas offered at places like One&Only Reethi Rah for an extended summer holiday that is really far-flung — with five-star service and facilities.

Since it debuted in 2005, the One&Only hotel in the Maldives has consistently raised the standard for famous guests and devoted return visitors. It is one of the largest island resorts in the country and possibly one of the best summer vacation ideas.

Reethi Rah is a luxurious beach resort with 109 acres, six kilometers of white sand shoreline, and a lush, tropical interior. Golf carts transport visitors through tunnels of tropical vegetation to their private villas, where butlers look after their stay.

There are 130 villas, including 32 overwater villas and several beach villas. Additionally, there are seven restaurants on the island and a state-of-the-art Marine Center with a permanent marine scientist, dive instructors, and tours to view sharks, whales, dolphins, and manta rays.

5. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Playa Del Carmen – Most Beautiful Beach Town

Many people think Playa Del Carmen, a stunning beach town in Mexico, is among the best summer vacation spots in May since it is less congested and touristy than other parts of Mexico.

You may snorkel in Cenote Dos Ojos or Azul, among other water activities. You may also go to the South of Playa, where the town of Tulum features ancient Mayan ruins.

Yucatan is one of the best summer vacation ideas for foodies to go to in the summer since the Mexican cuisine is affordable and excellent, and tacos are known worldwide. Here are a few more facts to keep in mind:

  • Visitor Attractions: Sample the seafood from Mexico December through April is the ideal time to travel.
  • How to reach the beach town: Fly to Cancun International Airport and take a bus or cab to Playa Del Carmen to get there (45 minutes away)
  • Attractions: Playacar, Los Fundadores Park, and the 3D Museum of Wonders are among the best summer vacation ideas to visit. Museum of Wonders in 3D Swimming, water sports, nightlife, shopping, and seafood are all things to do.
  • Accommodations: Grand Hyatt, The Palm, We Playa, Newport House
  • Food: Oh Lala, Kaxapa Factory, Harry’s Steakhouse, and Clorofila are among the best restaurants. If you don’t like spicy food, be careful while tasting Mexican food.
  • Spanish as a First Language
  • Exchange Rate: Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • Recommended Duration: 3 to 4 days

There’s a lot to enjoy and learn about right in our backyard, so for those who like to take things easy, a long weekend getaway or extended stay at one of our best summer vacation spots in the Northeast is a great choice.

Elegant outdoor eating choices abound in the Hamptons, from the walk-in-only, casual-yet-extremely-popular Duryea’s Lobster Deck in Montauk to the rosé-all-day sanctuary at the Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack.

A recent influx of new boutique hotels also provides distinctive experiences, such as the wellness – and spa-focused Shou Sugi Ban House in Water Mill and the boho-chic Marram and artistic Hero Beach Club in Montauk.

Going farther north to the family-friendly best summer vacation ideas of Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard is always a good idea, where days are spent sailing, shopping, and feasting on fresh lobster and handmade ice cream.

And Vermont and Maine are the best summer vacation spots for luxury while surrounded by nature (where top properties include Twin Farms, Cliff House, and Hidden Pond).

7. Best Summer Vacation Spots: French Riviera

A few best summer vacation ideas can match the French Riviera in terms of providing a dose of sun, sea, and glitz. Most visitors will choose an extravagant hotel in this location and choose to remain put, spending their days drinking wonderfully chilled rosé, diving into the pool, and taking boats around the coast.

Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel, and Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc are the best summer vacation spots.

With the launch of Maybourne Riviera in the charming village of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, the star brand behind Claridge’s, The Connaught, The Berkeley in London, and The Maybourne Beverly Hills, is unexpectedly extending into the Mediterranean.

This spectacular Modernist resort, perched on a cliffside overlooking the ocean with Italy to the east and Monte Carlo to the west, combines classic elegance and carefree seaside life with high-design modern vibrance.

8. Best Summer Vacation Spots: London

The perfect summer weather, the rigid British guards stationed outside the respected Buckingham Palace, and the mouthwatering fish and chips that will have you going back for more are all things that make London famous worldwide.

London also makes for a great vacation spot if you’re traveling with your dog. There are many good reasons to visit Calcutta in May outside of India, but its delightful celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, and Beer Week elevate that goodness to a whole new level!

Given that London offers many activities, you may have much fun. Alternatively, you can hang out in the city’s clubs and pubs to experience the exciting nightlife and discover why it’s one of the best summer spots outside of India.

Attractions for tourists: Pancake Day festival from March through May is the ideal time to visit. Fly to London Heathrow Airport to get there.

9. Best Summer Vacation Spots: The Bahamas

Looking for some of the best beaches in the world? The Bahamas, one of the best summer vacation ideas, are among the best summer vacation spots to visit in July (but we wouldn’t turn down a vacation at any other time of the year either).

You may go across the country’s many islands and tour them all, but we strongly advise setting aside some time to spend in Nassau, the nation’s capital.

You may enjoy great local food there while lounging with wild pigs on a white sandy beach, putting your driving talents to the test on an ATV trip.

For people on the east coast who don’t want to spend all day on a plane, Jamaica and the Bahamas are even closer to the United States; they are just over an hour from Miami.

10. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Seychelles

This distant, opulent, and stunning archipelago of white-sand islands lies more than 1,000 miles off the coast of east Africa and is a well-known tropical vacation spot.

Seychelles provides a castaway haven to process, reset and rediscover your sense of wonder (with extravagant luxury lodgings at the best summer vacation ideas such as Six Senses Zil Pasyon, North Island, and Frégate Island Private).

It’s one of the best summer vacation spots and one of the best cheap tropical vacations.

11. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Greenland

Visit Greenland, unquestionably among the best summer vacation spots on earth, to realize your goal of traveling to the Arctic Circle.

In Greenland, you may enjoy a beautiful boat excursion that will take you past several icebergs and give you a chance to get up and personal with whales, walruses, and other marine life.

Since the days will be longer and the nights will be shorter in the summer, you’ll have more time to engage in enjoyable activities throughout the day, making it one of the best summer vacation ideas in the whole globe.

Greenland is thus one of the best summer vacation spots to visit in June outside of India if you’re searching for the ideal vacation spot. Sledding is a popular tourist attraction. If you’re looking for the best tropical vacations by month, the ideal time to travel to Greenland is June through September. You can find it by flying to Iceland’s Reykjavik and Greenland’s Nuuk.

Greenland, one of the best summer vacation spots, includes Ilulissat, Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, and Disko Bugt Activities include kayaking, hiking, backpacking, and dog sledding. Accommodations include the Hotel Arctic, Hotel Kulusuk, Hotel Hans Egede, and The Blue Guesthouse.

Restaurant Mamartut, Restaurant Roklubben, and Restaurant Icefiord are some options for dining. Consider packing enough thermals and wool clothing. Greenlandic is the spoken language Danish Krone is the currency (DKK).

12. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Marrakech

One of the best summer vacation ideas for tourists is Marrakech in Morocco if you want to enjoy the best Middle East without the clamorous throng.

This city, known for its distinctive blend of cultural variety, provides everything you need to make your summer trip a special occasion.

You can explore the Jemma el-Fna neighborhood, shop in vibrant souks, and learn about Morocco’s fascinating history at palaces and museums, among other things.

Camel rides in the desert are a popular tourist attraction. March through May is ideal for visiting the best summer vacation spots. Fly to Marrakech to get there. Jama El Fna Market, Jardin Majorelle, Bahia Palace, and Koutoubia are some of Marrakech’s best summer vacation ideas.

Activities include shopping, cuisine trips, and desert safaris. Accommodations include the Riad Kasbah, Hotel Sofitel, Murano Resort, and Barcelo Palmeraie.

The Red House, Corner Cafe, Al Fassia, and Naranj are some places to eat. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen liberally before going outside. Arab is the spoken language. The currency is dirham (MAD) Recommended.

13. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Siem Reap

Are you curious how this city ended up on the list of the best summer vacation spots in the world? Don’t worry; it deserves to be there 100 percent!

If you visit Angkor Wat’s temples in the morning or the evening during the summer, you will find them the best summer vacation spots to explore.

In addition, this city is among the least expensive in Asia, particularly from March to June, making it a popular summertime vacation spot.

You may tour these unusual temples, purchase regional foods in the floating village, ride a bicycle around the town, and visit the Angkor Night Market while you’re here.

A trip to Angkor Wat is a must for tourists. December through January and June are the best months to travel. Fly to Siem Reap International Airport to get there. Visit Bayon, Floating Village, Angkor Night Market, and Angkor Wat.

Activities include visiting temples, shopping, kayaking, cycling, and hiking. Lub D, Lotus Blanc Resort, Borei Angkor Resort & Spa, and Resort D are popular lodging options. Marum, Genevieve’s Restaurant, Cuisine Wat Damnak, and Haven are popular dining establishments.

Wear a cap and lightweight cotton clothing at all times. Khmer is the spoken language, and the currency is the riel (KHR) Suggested Timeframe: 1-2 days

14. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Prague

Are you looking for some of the best summer vacation spots to visit outside India in May? Prague offers everything you need to fulfill that desire, however!

Everything in this city is worth seeing, from the Spanish synagogue’s calming sounds to the Municipal House’s mellow songs.

You’ll undoubtedly have the fun of your life whether you decide to trek up to the Vysehrad Castle or purchase glasswork close to the Old Town. It’s also one of Europe’s best summer vacation spots since it’s reasonably priced.

Prague’s retail areas are very interesting to explore. Attractions for travelers: Old Town horse-drawn carriage trip. The best months to go are May through September. How to Find Us: Fly to the Prague airport, then take a cab or a shuttle to the city.

Visit Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and St. Vitus Cathedral, among other locations. Activities In Prague: shopping, hiking, going to museums, and going out at night Accommodations include the Park Inn Hotel, Hotel NH Prague City, Hotel Carlton, and Czech Inn.

Restaurants: Restaurant Mlynec, Taaj Palace – an Indian restaurant, and Bad Jeff’s Barbeque Advice: Only convert your currencies at authorized retailers. English is spoken. Czech Crowns, the national currency (CZK).

15. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Colorado

Colorado is one of the best summer vacation spots in the US in May, even if it is more of a winter destination. It is also a summer paradise worth visiting with your loved ones.

You may engage in summer vacations sports like hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, and more because of the area’s comfortable climate. In addition to offering a wealth of activities, it offers luxurious accommodations that seem unreal.

It is one of the best summer vacation spots that make for the world’s greatest summer holidays. Attractions for travelers: Take a hike in the rocky highlands to soothe your adventurous and naturalist sides simultaneously.

March to May and September to October are the best months to visit. Fly to Denver International Airport to get there. Travel destinations include the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Aspen, Colorado Springs, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Activities include going to the Mesa Verde National Park, seeing a live concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, hanging out by the Arkansas River, and more.

Accommodations include The Cliff House, Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa, and The Estes Park Resort. Tips: Bring sunscreen and a rain jacket to eat at Mountain Shadows Restaurant, Pepper Tree Restaurant, and Shuga’s.

English is the spoken language; the currency is the US dollar (USD); the suggested duration is 1-2 days.

16. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Pokhara

No other country in the world offers the best summer vacation spots than Nepal (and Bhutan). Although underrated, it merits the attention of nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, hikers, couples, and single travelers.

Pokhara is surrounded by breathtaking mountains filled with picturesque splendor that draws tourists.

Pokhara is unquestionably one of the best summer vacation spots globally in 2023, with its summer months bursting with activity and wonderful weather. And the greatest thing is that Pokhara has so many inexpensive hotels, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses that you don’t even have to worry about costs!

Attractions for travelers: Paragliding over mountains covered with snow, April through June is the ideal time to visit. Fly to Pokhara’s international airport to get there.

Phewa Lake, Devi’s Falls, Begnas Lake, and Mahendra Cave are among the places to visit. Trekking, paragliding, bungee jumping, ziplining, and boating are among the things to do.

Himalayan Front Hotel, Zostel Pokhara, Tuki Resort, and Nature Side Cottage are among the places to stay.

Eateries nearby include Olive Cafe, Caffe Concerto, Rosemary Kitchen, and Moondance Restaurant. Pack thermals and woolens, even in the summer. Gurung Bhasa and Nepali are spoken. The Nepalese rupiah (NPR) Recommended Time Frame: 2-3 Days.

17. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Salt Lake City

Picture Source The capital of Utah is the place to go if you’re seeking one of the best summer vacation spots where you can spend most of your time outdoors.

Salt Lake City provides the ideal summer vacations tourist atmosphere where you may unwind, relax, and repeat, thanks to its abundance of lovely beaches, good weather, and interesting adventures.

Its beautiful scenery and temperate climate will convince you why it’s one of the world’s best summer vacation spots. Attractions for travelers: Spend some time at the magnificent beaches. September through October is the ideal time to visit.

Fly to Salt Lake International Airport to get there. Visit Temple Square, Red Butte Garden, Hogle Zoo, and other locations. Activities include skiing, cave exploration, hiking, and animal photography.

The Hyatt House, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, the Airport Inn Hotel, and the Crystal Ranch Lodge & Resort are all places to stay. Reg Iguana, Takashi, Settebello, The Dodo, and Pallet are places to eat. Tips: In restaurants, provide a 10-15% tip.

Spoken Languages: Spanish, Chinese, and English United States dollar (USD) Recommended Time: 1-2 Days

18. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Namibia

Namibia is one of the least inhabited countries in the world and is sometimes referred to as Africa’s last frontier. It comprises deserts, sand dunes, vast open areas, and long stretches of stillness.

You can find a happy medium between relaxation and excitement while visiting otherworldly landscapes on guided walks, game drives to see incredible wildlife, aerial and waterborne excursions, and cultural exchange tours while staying at some of the most beautiful luxury safari lodges in the area, such as Little Kulala and Hoanib Skeleton Camp.

19. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Las Vegas

Even though many people would not think of Vegas as a summer vacation, it is one of the best summer vacations in the US, particularly when the temperatures rise since that is when the biggest pool parties in the world occur.

Along with playing at the casinos, you may also visit bars and clubs to experience the exciting and happening nightlife of Sin City.

Visit Casino Royale to try your luck as a tourist. March to May and September to November are the best months to travel. How to Find Us: Take a flight to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Visit the MGM Grand, the Grand Canyon, Fremont Street, the Bellagio Fountains, and other locations.

Activities include gaming, partying by the pool, club hopping, witnessing a strip show, and more. Accommodations include the Luxor Hotel & Casino, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort, the Stratosphere Casino Hotel, and Holiday Inn Express.

Eat, Aburiya Raku, Carson Kitchen, Other Mama, and Le Thai are some places to eat. Tips: If you’re on a tight budget, visit in the middle of the week. Spoken Language: Spanish United States dollar (USD) Recommended Time Frame: 2-3 Days.

20. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Maui

Hawaii is home to some of the best beaches in the US. Maui is a hidden treasure in Hawaii, with over 30 miles of beaches that few people know of. One of the best summer vacation spots in the world, this location allows you to relax and live life at your own speed. There are several justifications available online, so far as that is concerned.

But if a paradise is all you’re looking for, there’s nothing more you need to know to know it’s one of the world’s best summer vacations. Attractions for travelers: Scuba diving in Molokini April to May and September to November are the best months to travel.

Fly to Maui’s Kahului Airport to get there. Visit Iao Valley, Kaanapali Beach, the Seven Sacred Pools, and other locations. Activities include visiting the beaches, exploring Haleakala National Park’s animals, shopping, sunbathing, and more.

Accommodations include Wailea Beach Resort, The Mauian Hotel, The Tiki Beach Hostel, and Lahaina Beach House. Places to Eat: Mama’s Fish House, Betty’s Beach Cafe, Bistro Casanova, and Da Kitchen Advice: Pack lightly and dress Hawaiian-style. Hawaiian is the native language; US dollar (USD) Recommended Time Frame: 4-5 Days.

21. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Hamburg

Hamburg, a port for international trade and the “Gateway to the World,” is in northern Germany.

A summer vacation here is undoubtedly unlike any other, whether because of amazing experiences like seeing a performance of Andalusian flamenco at a top-notch concert venue or the vibrant cultural aspect of the city. Without a doubt, this is among the top summer vacations and easily one of the best dream vacation spots.

Visit a concert at the next top music venue in the globe. May through October is the ideal time to visit. Fly to Hamburg International Airport to get there. Heide Park, Miniatur Wunderland, Reeperbahn, Rickmer Rickmers, and more places to visit.

Activities: Indulge in the local cuisine, stay in a chic hotel, relax in the Altes Madchen brewhouse, shop at Maison Suneve, and more. Accommodations include the Pyjama Park Hotel, St. Pauli Lodge, and the Hotel Bee Fang.

La Sepia, Phillips Restaurant, Haerlin Restaurant, and Das Dorf are among the restaurants to try. Planning beforehand is advised since summer is Germany’s busiest travel season. Spoken Language: German Euro currency (EUR) Recommended Time: 1-2 Days.

22. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Cape Town

Most people think this South African city is a great location for the greatest summer holidays since it is comfortable even during the dry season. You can truly afford to enjoy everything because of the inexpensive rates.

Imagine taking a cable car to the top of Table Mountain and having a quiet meal at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Isn’t it amazing? You’ll want to remain in Cape Town indefinitely since there is so much to see and do there throughout the summer.

Also, for a fantastic holiday, look at our list of some of the top-day excursions from Cape Town. Attractions for travelers: View penguins at Boulders Beach! March through May is the ideal time to visit. Fly to Cape Town International Airport to get there.

Visit the Robben Island Museum, Signal Hill, Sea Point Swimming Pool, and Cape Point Nature Reserve. Activities include hiking, swimming, picnics, shopping, and food excursions.

Accommodations include the Green Elephant Hostel, the DoubleTree by Hilton, the Grande Kloof Boutique Hotel, and more.

Places to Eat: Reverie Social Table, Signal, Black Sheep, Karibu, and Restaurant. Advice: Avoid going alone in the alleyways and streets at night. Languages Spoken: Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English Money: Rands of South Africa (ZAR) Recommended Time: 3 to 5 days.

23. Best Summer Vacation Spots: New Zealand

Due to the fact that New Zealand has summer weather throughout Asia’s winter, which gives us the ideal justification to escape the cold, it is unquestionably one of the best summer vacations in Asia..

Due to the spectacular surroundings that seem to be from another planet entirely, it is one of the most picturesque and attractive places in the world!

Additionally, it’s one of the best summer vacations for people looking for adventure, wildlife enthusiasts, a romantic getaway, photographers, birdwatchers, and those just visiting because renowned Hollywood films were filmed here! Attractions for travelers: Come to Hobbiton!

December through February is the ideal time to travel. How to Get There: New Zealand has several domestic and international airports across its major cities. Visit Queenstown, Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, and Wellington, among other locations.

Shopping, sandboarding, kayaking, ziplining, learning about Maori culture, seeing Glowworm caverns, and a wine-tasting trip is among the things to do. The Rees Hotel, Haka Lodge, Braemar Lodge & Spa, and The Sebel Auckland Manukau are some places to stay.

Sid at The French Cafe, Fleurs Place, and Sidart Restaurant are other options for dining. Pack wool and warm clothing. Spoken Language: English Dollars in New Zealand (NZD) Recommended Time Frame: 7-8 Days.

24. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the best summer vacations in the world for traveling with your loved ones, even though there are too many sights to visit and places to explore in Thailand.

This location definitely understands how to make a summer holiday unforgettable by providing activities from dancing on the beach all night to engaging in all types of adventure! When visiting this paradise, you must experience the Koh Samui nightlife.

So go to Thailand, one of the best summer vacation destinations. Attractions for travelers: Dance the night away at the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party!

March through June is the ideal time to travel. How to Find Us: To get to Koh Samui, take a boat or ferry from the airport in Bangkok. Chaweng Beach, Wat Phra Yai, Hin Ta Hin Yai, Bophut Beach, and Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo are among the places to visit.

Activities: Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling, go to renowned parties, do sea kayaking, unwind with a spa treatment, and more. Weekender Resort, Chaweng Noi Pool Villa, KC Resort, and Melati Beach Resort & Spa are among the places to stay.

Supattra Thai Dining, Chez Francois, Mr. Kai Kitchen, and The Fish Restaurant are some options for dining. Pack sunscreen and swimming attire. English is spoken. Thai Yen: Baht (THB) Suggested 2 to 3 days.

25. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Colombo

Colombo in Sri Lanka is one of the best summer vacations to go to if you’re seeking inexpensive summer travel destinations. This location gives the ideal experience to take a break from the heat and deal with it like an expert, thanks to its weather and environment, which are reminiscent of India.

Colombo is unique since there is nothing there that you won’t enjoy. One of the best summer vacations on earth is there. Attractions for travelers: Visit the Colombo National Museum. Ideal Season: Fly to Colombo International Airport from April through May to get there. Beira Lake, Paradise Road, Gangaramaya Temple, Independence Memorial Hall, and more places to visit

Visit the Galle Face Green, go shopping, sightseeing, sample some Sri Lankan food, and more.

Iconic, Marino Beach Colombo, Cinnamon Lakeside, and Grand Oriental Hotels are available for accommodations. Restaurants: Graze Kitchen, The Lagoon, Curry Leaf, and Rare at Residence Observe and respect the local culture.

Sinhala is the primary language used Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) Recommended Stay: 2 to 3 Days.

26. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, is one of the best summer vacations you can have. Beautiful art and exquisite architecture make this city a popular tourist destination.

Beautiful Roman ruins may be found here, and the city’s upscale restaurants and clubs provide for a lively evening. If you’re looking for the best summer vacations in May that aren’t in India, this is it. Attractions: Take a load off on one of the stunning beaches.

When to Go: Between the Months of April and June Directions: Take a plane to Josep Tarradellas. airport code: BCN-EL PRAT Stops En Route: Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia Attractions: Montjuc and the Plaça de Catalunya

Hotels include the Novotel, the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, the Casa Gracia, and the Hotel Catalonia Park. Guell Casa Rafols, Rao Restaurant, Acces, UMA, and Cafe Menssana are some of the area’s best restaurants. Advice: Ensure you have a detailed agenda, so you don’t miss a thing.

Spanish and Catalan are commonly spoken. The average duration is two to three days.

27. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Whistler

Whistler, Canada, is one of the best summer vacation ideas due to its location in the Coast Mountains.

A visit to this town is like seeing the crown jewel of Canada all at once, with fascinating activities like hiking and bear tours. They are great alternatives to India as summer vacation ideas.

Visit the world-famous Peak 2 Peak Gondola, the highest cable car in the world. June through August is peak tourism season. To travel to Whistler, fly into Vancouver International Airport and take a bus or cab.

Attractions include the likes of Whistler Blackcomb, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Alexander Falls, Whistler Olympic Park, and more. Visit the town’s art museums and cultural institutions, have a meal at 21 Steps or Alta Bistro, and more to experience the city’s thriving cultural scene.

You may choose among the Four Seasons, the Westin, the Hilton Whistler, and the Pangea Pod Hotel. Here are a few restaurants worth checking out: Pasta Lupino, 21 Steps Kitchen, Mexican Corner, and The Raven Room Advice: Take a warm layer since the nights might turn chilly.

Squamish is spoken, and the Canadian dollar is the official currency (CAD) Timeframe: 1-2 days is recommended.

The Great American Road Trip witnessed a comeback last summer; if you haven’t yet experienced it, you should spend your summer vacation driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, one of the most recognizable highways in the United States.

Carmel Valley Ranch (ideal for kids), The Lodge at Pebble Beach (a favorite of golfers), and Cal-a-Vie Health Spa are just a few of our recommended places to stay along the Golden Coast, where you can also enjoy the region’s fresh air, breathtaking sunsets, and delicious cuisine (for rejuvenation).

A section of the Pacific Coast Highway collapsed in January 2021 owing to rains and sea erosion; as a result, you may experience some rerouting and perhaps pockets of gridlock.

The Ranch in Rock Creek, Montana, is the best summer vacation idea for equestrian enthusiasts. Ranch at Rock Creek’s Kindness

Plan a trip to a wild dude ranch if you’re in the mood for an uninhibited experience away from the norm.

Favorite places to stay include the secluded cabins at the Ranch at Rock Creek, Amangani, the Resort at Paws Up, Taylor River Lodge, and the Lodge at Blue Sky, where guests may enjoy the great summer vacations outdoors in peace and quiet.

In addition, locations like Glacier, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Park are easily accessible for off-roading adventures.

In addition, the new Paws Up sister resort, The Green O, on the southwestern tip of the 37,000-acre Paws Up Ranch in Montana, is a refined, adults-only getaway focused on modern architecture and food.

Access to over a hundred miles of trails for hiking and horseback riding, as well as ten miles of the Blackfoot River, are just a few of the perks of staying at this property with an emphasis on design.

30. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Lake Como

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a landmark on Lake Como, is getting a sister resort named Passalacqua in June, giving travelers more incentive to book a trip to Italy for the summer.

Pope Innocent XI formerly held the ground where this private mansion from the 18th century now stands, overlooking the town of Moltrasio.

Napoleon, Bellini (who wrote two of his most renowned operas, Norma and Sonnambula, here), and the seasoned luxury traveler Winston Churchill stayed at the residence.

With the addition of Paolo, Antonella, and Valentina De Santis as new owners, Passalacqua will continue to provide guests with a refined yet warm experience of northern Italian charms, complete with all the standard trimmings and just 24 suites, each of which features restored frescoes, Verona marble bathrooms, and delightful views of citrus and rose gardens, olive groves, and sparkling emerald shores.

With any luck, you can reserve the Bellini suite, the biggest on the whole lake, and stay in the room where the master usually played the piano.

Lake Como is the best summer vacation idea for a longer trip that includes Lake Garda (stop at the luxurious Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda), Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, or Slovenia.

31. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Greece

Summer in Greece are great summer vacation idea. Whether vacationers are looking for a romantic getaway, a place to unwind with the family by the water, or somewhere to eat like the locals, there are more than 2,000 islands from which to select.

In the eastern Peloponnese, Amanzoe sits atop a hill with a spectacular Ed Tuttle-designed complex that would wow Alexander the Great. The resort is meant to make guests feel like they have arrived at their own Mount Olympus.

The resort’s 38 opulent pavilions, each with its own pool and views of the sea or valley, are spread out around the property. If you become bored with the resort’s beach club, spa, and fitness center, you can always travel to neighboring Hydra and Spetses for more eating and sightseeing options.

32. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Croatia

Croatia has one of the best summer vacation ideas in the world, a jagged sliver of land that spans from the Gulf of Trieste to Albania and Greece.

The nation has a remarkable blend of cultural influences, from Slavic to Italian, and comprises sun-drenched islands, historic walled towns, hilltop villages, and a rich history.

The celebrated food and wine region of Istria, where top properties include the Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery and Dubrovnik, which history buffs (and Game of Thrones fans) should not miss, are all worth visiting.

Hvar is a picture-perfect seaside town with vibrant nightlife and a new wellness-focused resort, Maslina, for detoxing (and retoxing) by day.

33. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Sweden & Finland

Sweden and Finland are the summer vacations for a sophisticated summer itinerary centered on culture and adventure because of their lovely, milder summer climate.

These nations are ideal summer vacation ideas for hiking, camping, birdwatching, and boating across miles of undeveloped woods and coastline. They are also havens for New Nordic cuisine, modern design, and gallery hopping.

Vacation in chic towns like Stockholm and Helsinki for many nights in a top-notch establishment (we recommend Ett Hem, the Grand Hôtel Stockholm, or Hotel St. George) and then go out of the city to see something you wouldn’t see otherwise.

In the north, visitors can take a short flight to the Sápmi region for Arctic views and nature immersion; in the south, they can take a private charter to Skne and the Bjäre Peninsula (where they must stay at the Wanas hotel, which combines contemporary art, design, and cuisine within an idyllic estate). In the center, they can drive to picturesque cities like Gothenburg or Porvoo.

Our Trip Designers are here to assist you in crafting summer vacations that is unique to your preferences.

34. Best Summer Vacation Spots: Iceland

Visiting Iceland in the summer is highly recommended. It is one of the best seasons to see the nation and enjoy its surreal scenery, thrilling outdoor experiences, interesting Viking history, and plenty of luxury hotels and top-tier restaurants.

Deplar Farm, on the lonely Troll Peninsula, is the most enchanted place on Earth to see these natural vistas at their finest.

This 13-room Eleven Experience gem is hidden in a Narnia-like wilderness where the best guides in the world will show you the ropes of skeet shooting, surfing, and fat biking; reveal secret hot springs and exclusive Atlantic salmon, and Arctic char runs; and entertain you with wit and music in the evenings.

Evenings often end with swimming in the pool while seeing the Aurora Borealis or Arctic night sky.

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