June 15, 2024

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One Of Bali’s Most Iconic Resorts And Spa Has A New Wellness Agenda

One Of Bali’s Most Iconic Resorts And Spa Has A New Wellness Agenda
Image Courtesy of AYANA Resort and Spa

The AYANA Resort and Spa in Bali is a world-class destination renowned for its stunning cliff-top views looking over the Indian Ocean. Featuring the AYANA Spa, multiple restaurants, and the iconic Rock Bar (90 hectares of pure bliss), the breathtaking location in Jimbaran Bay echoes that of the stunning resort – the epitome of beauty and tranquility. If you’ve been, then you might also agree that no words truly do it justice. Five stars of magic and then some.

Image Courtesy of AYANA Resort and Spa

Ever-evolving to bring a new level of luxury, the AYANA Resort and Spa has unveiled the AYANA Segara, a new AYANA hotel inside the Ayana Estate in Jimbaran, and a very exciting wellness agenda. Guests can now indulge in three new wellness packages to nurture their body, mind, and soul while staying at the picturesque destination in Bali.

Image Courtesy of AYANA Resort and Spa
Image Courtesy of AYANA Resort and Spa

The 3 New Wellness Packages at AYANA Spa:

Immune Reset, discover the power of gut health and nutrition through the Immune Reset Wellness Program. The Immune Reset Program helps guests achieve optimal physical and mental well-being by resetting eating behaviours and finding inner balance. With a combination of a cleansing diet, relaxation treatments, yoga, and meditation sessions, this program is designed to boost the immune system, refuel the body, and calm the mind.

De-stress, release accumulated stress in the body and discover tools to manage life’s ups and downs. Guests who choose the De-stress Wellness Program will discover practical tools and techniques for achieving sustained physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As part of the program, guests are encouraged to detach from their digital devices and practice being in the moment and connecting with nature.

Fitness, transform your body and mind for a better quality of life. The Fitness Wellness Program is designed for guests who want to reset their eating behaviour and feel physically and mentally lighter. Achieve long-lasting success and undergo real body transformation through holistic, healthy eating and tailored fitness sessions. The program’s goal is to kickstart a healthy lifestyle for guests who want to feel energised, stronger, and fitter.

Image Courtesy of AYANA Resort and Spa

Grazia speaks with Ms. Jory Montilla, Director of Wellness at AYANA, for an insight into the offering and what guests can expect.

GRAZIA: As the Wellness and Spa Director of AYANA, what has been your goal for the new wellness offering?

Jory Montilla: “My main goal is to ensure that every guest that comes to AYANA can take home a meaningful and learning experiences that they can start practicing back home whether their stay is for Wellness or simply a holiday or business trip and that they get to experience either the healthy cuisine, the wellness activities or the amazing variety of beauty and wellness services, not to mention the biggest outdoor Thalassotherapy pool and of course I want the entire AYANA team to fully understand the purpose of this program, and that they too practice starting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“I am also continuing to explore with my Balinese team, local and traditional practices that we can incorporate with our offerings such as some herbs that we can use for the treatments, jamu that has benefits linked to the treatments offered, rituals that will help us to be grounded and more connected to ourselves, to make use of every possible activity unique to our property such as walking with nature, exploring the botanic garden. Etc. We are as well connecting with the local communities with a common interest to give them a chance to showcase their practices by inviting them to be our visiting practitioners, to support them, and give back to the community whilst allowing them to deliver their passion.

“I am very much excited for the coming months as we at AYANA Bali continue to develop and bring more wellness offerings to our guests and the community, there’s more to come and I believe we will make AYANA Bali a sanctuary for guests and employees ‘a place to start a new and better me’!”

How have your experiences influenced the direction for the new Wellness packages at AYANA?

JM: “My past experiences have a strong influence on how we progressively develop and move forward with the Wellness program. Having said that my background as a wellness therapist ‘I am a reflexologist, Ayurvedic therapist, NCII, CIBTAC, Fitness certified’ coupled with the properties that I have worked for who have pioneered to launch Wellness programs and with over 20 years of experience in Beauty and Wellness all over the world, made it easy for me to design and orchestrate the launch. For example, creating the activities and packages was like an afternoon siesta for me, the ideas just flow through without effort, I guess it’s also because of my passion. I have been studying wellness for the past 20 years and until now I am continuously learning. I recently graduated with my Pranayama and Shatkarma TTC and Sound Healing Level 1 TTC here in Bali, although we have only added activities and wellness cuisine at the moment, I have already started planning with my local wellness team to redesign our menu for much more exciting, local traditional offerings that are essential to the overall wellness stay experience and something to offer to those guests who are curious.”

Can you tell us about the philosophy of the three wellness packages?

JM: “Wellness activities have now become one of the most mandate inquiries for guests when choosing their stay whether it’s for leisure or business stay, with that the Ayana owning company decided to launch the Wellness program to introduce and encourage our resort guests to kick start a fitter and healthier lifestyle whilst enjoying a luxurious stay with the guidance of our professionals and specialists.”

What are the ‘take-home’ benefits that guests can anticipate?

JM: “Our aim is to assist and educate our guests to start a healthy and new lifestyle incorporating some or possibly all of the practices that they have experienced during their stay. An example, we have the cooking class to teach the client some healthy cuisine tips and learn to prepare dishes that are simple, easy to prepare, delicious, and nutritious that they can enjoy not only for themselves but for their friends, family, and loved ones too. The different daily wellness activities that they can try and see what works best for them and continue to practice back home and maybe engaged to join community work-outs and or get a personal trainer to continue the journey they have started with us. We have mindfulness activities that guests can definitely benefit especially in those moments that require peace and tranquility; they can make use of that to regain mental and emotional balance. Lastly, we are here to be in touch with the guest should they need someone to discuss their concerns or simply if they need someone to listen. We the Wellness team at AYANA are keeping in touch with all the guests that participate in our Wellness Program.

“This wellness program is quite intimate with our guests, it creates a bond, a professional friendship that allows us to assist each other no matter where they are, we don’t only take care of them during their stay, we keep in touch and check on them from time to time on where they are with their new found journey that they started and shared with us.”

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