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Best Bali Cafes Perfect for Digital Nomads on the Island

Best Bali Cafes Perfect for Digital Nomads on the Island

The whole world is the playground of digital nomads, but few tropical islands do it as well as Bali. And the ever-growing coffee scene is a major part of why this Indonesian paradise is so popular. Dreamy aesthetics aside, our favourite Bali cafes have all the elements of the perfect workcation hangout: exceptional brew, yummy brunch (or midnight snack) options, reliable WiFi, and a couple of sockets for charging our laptops and gadgets.

Best of all, there are a lot of coffee shops to choose from on the island. Keep reading; we’ve rounded up the best cafes in Bali to grab a cup, get some work in, and hang out like a true Balinese local.

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Best Bali cafes in Seminyak

1. Ingka

If you’re in Bali to work, then you can’t miss a digital nomad favourite: Ingka. The Asian and Western fusion restaurant feels built for digital nomads, with breezy Insta-worthy interiors, plenty of plugs, and fellow laptop-toting travellers popping in and out throughout the day. Keep in mind that Ingka can get quite busy during regular meal times. At the same time, being around other remote workers can provide that extra burst of productivity you won’t find in your hotel room in Seminyak!

2. Titik Temu

Designed to recreate a modern version of traditional Indonesian warung kopi (coffee stalls), Titik Temu Seminyak features a large communal table where guests can sip coffee, converse, and work with fellow brew drinkers. Expect high-quality coffee, of course, but also a welcoming atmosphere that fosters camaraderie among locals and foreign visitors.

Run out of seats in the shared space? There are more tables on the second floor, plus beanbags on the sprawling lawn for guests eager to enjoy the sunshine with their cappuccino.

3. The Farmer Brew

Travellers looking for a cafe in Seminyak that offers a farm-to-cup experience must drop by The Farmer Brews, a little coffee shop serving local beans grown and roasted in-house. Flavourful coffee and tasty brunch delicacies make it a gem of a find. 

The Farmer Brews is relatively small, though; sometimes, you’ll need a bit of luck to grab a table. However, the coffee shop’s petite size may work for digital nomads seeking a bit of quiet. Plus, it can be a nice change of pace from buzzier Bali cafes.

4. Revolver Espresso

We can’t talk about the best cafes in Bali without including Revolver Espresso in the conversation. After all, it opened its doors in 2012 as Bali’s first ever speciality coffee shop. To this day, this famous cafe in Seminyak is all about excellent coffee: Revolver sources high-quality beans from around the world and then roasts them locally.

Chic interiors promise an inspiring space to spend hours on end, whether you’re chatting with friends or chasing a deadline. And after wrapping up work, you can even segue straight into happy hour by ordering one of Revolver’s yummy cocktails.

Cool cafes in Canggu for work (and more)

5. Zin Cafe

A vibrant surf village with an endless stream of digital nomads staying for weeks or months at a time, it comes as no surprise that Canggu is chock-full of Bali cafes ready to host scores of remote workers. But while you’ll have plenty of coworking and co-living choices, the beautiful Zin Cafe stands out for being a free coworking venue. That’s right, free

Find a spot in the four-storey cafe and bask in the tropical vibes of the open-air building. It’s easy to let the creative juices flow in this relaxed setting, with delicious local and Western dishes on hand for when you need to fuel up. Moreover, it’s just a quick stroll away from the beach!

6. Nude Cafe

The modern and stylish Nude Cafe in Canggu is another sweet spot on the island for working remotely. Healthy cuisine, minimalist decor, and reliable WiFi practically guarantee a few hours of productivity at this coffee shop in Bali. Here, travellers can choose between staying in a sprawling outdoor area or an air-conditioned indoor space. Either way, you’re in for a delightful brunch in Bali at Nude.

7. Crate Cafe

Next up, Crate Cafe. Housed in an industrial place overlooking rice paddies, this Canggu hotspot takes its place among the best cafes in Bali for work or leisure. Coffee is fantastic, smoothie bowls are addicting, and views are tranquil — what else is missing? Also a plus: Food and drinks are more affordable than many Bali cafes.

Crate Cafe can get busy throughout the day, but it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with earbuds and good music. Besides the cafe where digital nomads can hunker down and work, there’s also a concept shop and a gallery within the complex.

8. Milu by Nook

Milu by Nook is the ultimate cafe if you like dreamy boho-style interiors, good coffee selections, and quintessential Bali brunch dishes. We can’t imagine a prettier place to start a workday than this Canggu cafe, with its cosy seats and rice field views, but it’s also especially breathtaking during sunset. There’s even an in-house shop for guests who want to bring home a piece of Milu by Nook.

Cafes in Ubud for work and coffee

9. Watercress

Another well-loved destination among digital nomads is Ubud, so it’s not a shock that some of the best cafes in Bali are in this artsy town. Relax and recharge with fresh fare and good vibes at the breezy Watercress Ubud, one of the top places to grab brunch in Bali. From breakfast classics like French toast to flavourful salads, each meal at Watercress is one to remember. And if you’re like most guests, you’ll want to return as soon as possible! 

10. Clear Cafe

Digital nomads trying out a wide array of Bali cafes will fall in love with Clear Cafe in Ubud. For one, the lush garden restaurant creates an inspiring setting for a few hours of typing away. It’s tranquil and quiet, with beautiful tropical plants, vibrant art pieces, and even a koi pond — definitely a place where you can get some actual work done! Plugs are limited, so just make sure your gadgets are fully charged before coming in. 

Additionally, Clear Cafe aims to encourage healthy eating and conscious living, whether you’re just passing by Bali or settling in for a longer stay. Expect an extensive global menu with tasty vegan options.

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11. Seniman Coffee Studio

Calling all caffeine addicts on the island: Seniman Coffee Studio must not be missed. When it comes to awesome brew, it’s undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Bali. Seniman creates a little coffee paradise in the heart of Ubud, with beans sourced from different countries yet roasted in the in-house roastery. And to the delight of remote workers in town, there’s good WiFi in this coffee shop in Bali.  

12. Cafe Pomegranate

When it comes to tranquil vibes and classic Bali views, other cafes will find it hard to beat Cafe Pomegranate. Nestled in the middle of paddy fields, the open-air coffee shop allows guests to enjoy 360° views of verdant rice fields from morning ‘till night time. When the skies are clear, you can even catch a glimpse of the great Mount Agung from Cafe Pomegranate. Not to mention, the cafe’s serene ambience will let you focus on finishing work before exploring the rest of Ubud.

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Bali cafes in Uluwatu & Jimbaran

13. Suka Espresso

Pull up a seat at Suka Espresso, one of the best cafes in Bali whether you’re here to work or just to get a taste of their famously delicious coffee. This Australian-style coffee shop has branches in Ubud and Canggu, but its original spot in Uluwatu remains a worthwhile stop for exceptional brews and wholesome brunch in Bali.

World-class beans from Indonesia and other countries like South America keep coffee addicts coming back again and again to this charming cafe. Enjoy sumptuous comfort with your cup of joe, from burgers and pizza to veggie bowls and tasty burritos.

14. The Place With No Name

Located near Padang Padang Beach, The Place With No Name is a swoon-worthy spot for digital nomads, surfers, and Insta-travellers. This stylish Uluwatu cafe specialises in pescatarian and vegetarian food, so it’s guilt-free, too! Not keen on coffee? Although the coffee is great, The Place With No Name also serves a delicious cup of matcha tea.

If you’re here to work, it’s best to finish before the sun sets as the restaurant will occasionally invite live musicians to play at night. Stay for the live music and reward yourself for a productive workday with a couple of cocktails!

15. Balique

Finally, this hip cafe in Jimbaran is another worthy addition to your list of Bali cafes with good vibes, good food, and good coffee. Meet Balique, a superb dining spot inviting travellers to sample a wide array of Indonesian flavours, including beef rendang and nasi goreng. Bright and airy with eclectic vintage decor, it’s a beautiful place blending upscale European style and classic Balinese touches. 

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When it comes to Bali cafes, you’ll never run out of new spots to explore. But this list is a good place to start with the most popular destinations on the island. Did we miss any of your favourite cafes in Bali? Share your picks here!

Featured image credit: ZIN Cafe | Official Facebook