June 24, 2024

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Travel tips: Here’s how travellers can deal with travel anxiety or trip stress | Travel

Travel tips: Here’s how travellers can deal with travel anxiety or trip stress | Travel

Post Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have packed our bags and travelled to numerous destinations but be it air travel, road travel or railways, there is one thing we can all agree on – travel stress i.e. the mild adrenaline rush that we all experience whenever we are planning a trip to a new place and while this might seem a normal process for some, it is a serious issue for many others which might even restrict them to travel. Travel is often seen as a way to escape reality and manage stress but for some people, the idea of travelling brings on anxiety and negative emotions.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Dinika Anand, Clinical Psychologist at BLK-Max Superspeciality Hospital, encouraged, “It’s important to recognise that anxiety is a normal experience and not something to be ashamed of. We need to acknowledge its presence and take steps to address it. This could involve researching and talking to others who have travelled to the place, accepting the effort and work of taking a holiday and recognising our specific triggers and push points. Creating mental and behavioural solutions, like getting travel insurance or travelling with comforting items, can help us manage and overcome our anxiety. By taking our comfort with us and planning for our fears, we can enjoy our time away and create new, meaningful connections with the world around us.”

According to Liberatha Kallat, Chairperson and Managing Director at DreamFolks Services Limited, travel anxiety is a real concern for many travellers and that’s why airport services can help ease the stress of air travel. She revealed, “Airport lounges provide a peaceful environment for travellers to relax and recharge before their flight, offering amenities like complimentary food and drinks, high-speed Wi-Fi, shower facilities, and comfortable seating. Meet and assist services also help reduce the stress of air travel, as a representative can guide travelers through the airport, assist with check-in, security clearance and escort them to their departure gate. By availing airport services, travellers can rest assured that their travel needs are taken care of, leaving them free to focus on their journey ahead.”

Midhula Devabhaktuni, Co-Founder and CMO of Mivi, advised, “As the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Music has the incredible ability to transport us to a different state of mind, to help us escape our current reality and to calm our nerves. This is particularly relevant when it comes to reducing travel anxiety. Whether it’s the fear of flying, the stress of packing and planning, or the overwhelming feeling of being in unfamiliar territory, music can be a powerful tool to ease the mind and soothe the soul. The rhythms and melodies of your favorite songs can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort in an unfamiliar environment, while also drowning out any unwanted background noise. Whether it’s a playlist of your favourite songs, a classic album that reminds you of home or a new artist that you discovered on the road, music can create a sense of familiarity and continuity in an otherwise unpredictable and unfamiliar environment. So, the next time you’re feeling anxious about a trip, consider bringing along your favourite tunes and blast them on high volume to ease your nerves and enhance your overall travel experience.”

Bringing her expertise to the same, Abhilasha Negi, Co- Founder of Sankash, suggested, “To avoid travel anxiety and stress, it is important to plan your travel finances well and in a manner that doesn’t burn holes in your pocket. One such development is ‘Travel Now and Pay Later’ platforms that have helped shift the focus from ‘Save and Spend’ to ‘Travel Now and Pay later’. This will not only make travel stress-free but will also make your travel affordable and accessible.”