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Top 20 Exotic Places To Travel in 2023: World’s Most Exotic Places To Go on a Holiday

Top 20 Exotic Places To Travel in 2023: World’s Most Exotic Places To Go on a Holiday

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Looking for the most exotic places to travel? Maybe you’re dreaming of a trip to a tropical island to unwind, or maybe you want to explore a jungle full of exotic animals.

When you hear the word “exotic,” what images or ideas pop into your head? Imagine a place with pristine beaches, palm trees, turtles, whale sharks, and maybe a tropical rainforest devoid of human habitation. These are, quite frankly, the most exotic places to travel.

Sometimes exotic places to travel with just a bit of sun, sea, and sand are all you need when you’re done exploring history, culture, and man-made marvels.

Many people dream of visiting exotic places to travel, like Fiji or Maui, because they imagine a tropical paradise with palm trees swaying in the wind and soft, white sand beaches.

We have learned there is so much more, like Puerto Rico. From bamboo-covered mountains to lunar landscapes carved by volcanoes, the world’s oceans are full of stunning sinkholes.

1. Puerto Rico: Top Exotic Places to Travel

The exotic Sierra Madre mountain range in the Guatemalan highlands is home to a stunning lake between three massive volcanoes. It’s one of the most exotic places to travel.

It’s the kind of exotic location where you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico are yoga, hiking, and kayaking, all enhanced by Lake Atitlan’s breathtaking environment.

Possibly one of the most exotic places to travel in the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is known for its tropical warmth, palm-fringed beaches, and patchwork-like landscape. It’s also one of the destinations for cheap tropical vacations.

Explore the El Yunque rainforest in search of tree frogs, swim in bioluminescent Mosquito Bay at night, and marvel at the country’s many stunning golden beaches.

The Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort is one of the best hotels in Puerto Rico. It is a four-star oasis with a spa and all the first-rate resort facilities.

The Mandara Spa, inspired by Bali, has meditation spaces, a salon, and multiple steam rooms, and there are two championship golf courses. The bedrooms, meanwhile, have bright, airy decor with pops of color.

Chalet Olas del Sol is the most cost-effective choice for those looking for exotic locations with breathtaking ocean views.

Incredible sand dunes and clay pans extend as far as the eye can reach in this region of the Namibian desert.

Dead acacia trees stand in stark contrast to the salty pan bottom, and the dunes shift and move, making Sossusvlei one of the world’s most exotic places to travel.

3. Madagascar: Top Exotic Places to Travel

Madagascar, an island off the southeastern coast of Africa, is the fourth-largest in size and is often considered one of the world’s most exotic places to travel.

Madagascar is one of the best island vacations because it is not only a place of unique flora and fauna, such as its towering baobab trees and other uncommon species, but also fascinating Malagasy culture and a wide variety of landscapes.

Exploring Madagascar means exploring one of the most exotic places to travel, with its white sand beaches in Ifaty and its deep tropical woods in Ranomafana.

Explore the limestone formations of Tsingy, look for wild ring-tailed lemurs in Anja Reserve, and take a walk down the famed Avenue of Baobabs in Morondava.

Madagascar is one of the few exotic places to travel on Earth with an Edenic aspect, thanks to its unearthly vistas and one of its most distinctive ecosystems.

Tsingy is the Malagasy name for the steep, vertical limestone cliffs that may be seen in Madagascar (an island off the coast of South Africa). There’s no mystery about why this signifies “the location where one cannot walk.”

Visit Masoala National Park, home to endemic plant and animal species you won’t find anywhere else on Earth, or the nearby Tsingy woods, a series of vertical limestone cliffs sometimes known as the “Forest of Knives.”

The magical landforms predating humanity’s arrival on Earth are a stunning example of nature’s beauty. They support a thriving ecosystem.

These limestone structures are some of the most exotic places to travel, having been shaped by severe tropical rainstorm erosion over a period of 200 million years.

It’s said of this forest, “photos don’t do it justice.” You can only imagine how it feels to stand in this tall bamboo forest. Located outside the Japanese capital city of Kyoto, it’s some of the most exotic places to travel.

A haven of pure magic is among the towering bamboo, cheeky monkeys, and sacred temples. You can find yourself staring up with awe and a sensation of otherworldliness you can’t quite put your finger on.

Tayrona is a national park that protects a beautiful stretch of unspoiled wilderness on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. There are stretches of golden seashore here, framed by rainforests and the mighty Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

It’s hard to imagine more visually arresting exotic places to travel to than this one. As a result, it’s a perfect candidate for an exotic beach vacation in 2023.

Colombia, a nation that has been off the tourist map until lately, is home to turquoise waters, swinging hammocks, and undiscovered beaches.

Consider a hike through Tayrona National Park, one of the world’s most exotic places to travel and a mecca for eco-travelers. You may relax in a beach hut while enjoying delicious exotic fruits and exploring stunning lagoons.

Further, because of its abundance of terrestrial and marine life, this conservation area is a haven for animal enthusiasts.

Try your hand at snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, hike through the jungles along palm-shaded trails, or uncover the history of Pueblito’s historic ruins.

The Republic of Croatia, situated on the Adriatic Sea, are fascinating and interesting exotic places to travel. For example, Dubrovnik, a walled medieval town renowned as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” was once a prosperous and strong kingdom. Now, it seems like a living museum that provides one of the best exotic places to travel.

The island of Vis in Croatia has long been a secret, but word has now gotten out about the island’s stunning cliffs and unique beaches.

Take a trip to some exotic places to explore the beautiful baroque churches and old marble streets now home to charming cafés and hip eateries.

Dubrovnik is a fantastic vacation spot; it’s like a little piece of heaven on Earth, with its rich cultural past and amazing architecture behind the city’s famous walls.

Located only a short boat trip from the Croatian city of Split, this Adriatic treasure has quiet coves that might easily pass for the tropics. To visit Stiniva, a beach often considered among the greatest in all of Europe, you must take a boat to get there.

Easter Island, hundreds of miles off the coast of Chile, is known for its enigmatic history and iconic Moai sculptures.

Rapa Nui, as its inhabitants prefer, is just 63 square miles in size. Easter Island is one of the most exotic holiday spots due to its isolated position and plenty of fascinating attractions.

Visiting the 900 Moai sculptures and ancient ceremonial grounds on Easter Island is only one of the many archaeological sites visitors may enjoy.

This otherworldly spot is far from the Chilean mainland. Many tourists dream of visiting Easter Island because of its unusual reputation.

With just 63 square miles of land, there is a surprising lot of territory to explore.

Moreover, this island’s unspoiled volcanic landscapes provide the ideal setting for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to a faraway continent.

Discover active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, free-roaming horses, and the mysterious “Easter Island heads” — Moai figures that have baffled explorers and archaeologists for centuries.

8. Maui, Hawaii: Top Exotic Places to Travel

Hawaii is one of the most exotic places to travel, with over 120 kilometers of beautiful crescent beaches and famed surf culture.

Its misty mountains, beautiful sunsets, and bamboo forests have made Maui, often known as “the Valley Isle,” popular exotic places to travel. Enjoy Kaanapali Beach or the unique red sands of Kaihalulu, unlike any other beaches in the world.

The Friendly Tiki Beach Hostel in Maui is a great place to meet other surfers. The beach is conveniently close, and the common spaces are excellent for mingling with other visitors.

Both indoor and outdoor rooms are available for guests, and both types have shared bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and cooking areas.

There is a separate dorm for women called the Wahine. Unlike exotic vacation spots, Friday night barbecues and other group events are a great way to have fun without breaking the bank.

Napili Kai Beach Resort, located on the beautiful island of Kauai, is the best beachfront hotel.

Emerald lagoons glisten in French Polynesia, making it one of the most exotic places to travel. Vanilla, coconut, and Tiare Tahiti flower aromas fill the air.

The rumors are true; it is as stunning as everyone says and one of the best tropical vacation spots. Her lush slopes provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of Tahitian vanilla orchids.

Beautiful landscapes make exotic vacation spots on the island, inviting hikers to explore its fascinating flora and wildlife through its many trails and mountainous terrain.

In lieu of exploring all 118 islands over five separate archipelagos, consider making your way to “the unspoiled island” of Maupiti. Whiter-than-white sands line its shores, mysterious caverns dot the landscape, and the vistas atop Mount Te’urafa’atiu are unparalleled.

Bananas, watermelons, and coconuts galore on a vanilla-scented island? Count us in! We are not joking when we say that Mother Nature has sculpted an island into the form of a flower and is scented with vanilla pods.

At the Maitai Bora Bora, guests may choose from various room types, making it one of the best dream vacation spots you can find.

The hotel features two restaurants and two bars, and it is conveniently located near Matira Beach, the only public beach on Bora Bora. Relax in your new plush accommodations before exploring the island’s waterways in search of the island’s magnificent aquatic life.

Vanira Lodge, located in Teahupoo on the Tahiti peninsula, has a view of the ocean and is surrounded by tropical forest on three sides. When it comes to far-flung destinations, this one is hard to top. However, this is not a good destination when you’re looking for cheap tropical vacations.

Pick among bungalows with a “nature,” “spa,” or “terrace” theme. The bungalows in Maara are all beautiful, but the one in the nature reserve, perched on stilts at the forest’s edge, has a special charm.

Lake Atitlan is one of the most visited places in Guatemala and was even considered for the New Seven Wonders of Nature list.

In reality, a volcanic explosion of enormous proportions created this lake in the highlands. It is Central America’s oldest and deepest lake, having formed thousands of years ago.

The area’s boundaries are dotted with picturesque settlements that provide visitors with a taste of genuine Guatemalan life.

The Guatemalan highlands in the Sierra Madre mountain range offer exotic places to travel and explore, with stunning lakes trapped between three massive volcanoes.

It’s the kind of far-flung vacation where you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Yoga, hiking, and kayaking are all enhanced by Lake Atitlan’s breathtaking environment.

Visiting Lake Atitlan, renowned for its brilliant blue waters and stunning volcanic surroundings, is like visiting heaven on Earth. When visiting Lake Atitlan, many people stay in either Panajachel or San Pedro.

You can learn about Mayan culture, go on boat rides on the lake, and take scenic morning treks from these exotic places to travel. Seeing the dawn mirrored in the calm sea is, without a doubt, a worthy incentive to visit this far-flung locale.

Tsingy is the Malagasy name for the steep, vertical limestone cliffs that may be seen in Madagascar (an island off the coast of South Africa). There’s no mystery about why this signifies “the location where one cannot walk.”

Magical landforms that predate humanity’s arrival on Earth are a stunning example of nature’s beauty and support a thriving ecosystem.

These unique limestone structures are the most exotic place in the world, having been shaped by severe tropical rainstorm erosion over a period of 200 million years.

12. Azores, Portugal: Top Exotic Places to Travel

A country where spring lasts year-round and a riot of colorful flowers thrive in the rich volcanic soil. The Azores are a group of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean that are a veritable paradise for nature lovers.

The Azores have been dubbed the “Garden of Eden” because of the island chain’s picturesque vistas of volcanic craters, verdant vegetation, and blooming flowers.

The Azores are one of the unique holiday spots in Europe, so don’t miss out on a trip there! Some of the most well-liked pastimes include bird watching, hiking, whale watching, surfing, and scuba diving.

In addition, the Azores are widely regarded as one of the world’s premier ecotourism hotspots. Several measures are already underway to safeguard the future of this ecological treasure.

When you hear the word “exotic,” what images or ideas go into your head? Imagine a place with pristine beaches, palm palms, turtles, whale sharks, and maybe a tropical rainforest completely devoid of human habitation.

There is so much more that we have learned. From bamboo-covered mountains to lunar landscapes carved by volcanoes, the world’s oceans are full of stunning sinkholes.

Cappadocia, in Turkey, is a breathtaking area where volcanic explosions eons ago shaped the landscape, resulting in otherworldly rock formations and tunnels.

This geographical anomaly should be on your list of must-see, far-flung exotic places to travel. When you go to Turkey, you’ll be able to see these phenomena firsthand.

If you’re looking for exotic vacation spots without leaving the country, this is the one for you. Fuerteventura, with its empty beaches, beautiful ocean, and hippie atmosphere, is a strong contender for the title of the most intriguing island in the Canaries.

There are ideal conditions for water sports due to the consistent trade winds. In contrast, naturists from all over the world come here to enjoy the area’s world-famous nude beaches, where they may get a tan that will last them a lifetime.

With a kid-specific pool, play area, and full schedule of activities, the all-inclusive AluaVillage Fuerteventura is a great place for families to stay when visiting Fuerteventura.

While the little ones are busy playing, the grownups may enjoy the exotic vacation spots’ steam room, whirlpool tub, saunas, and sundeck.

The Royal Palm Resort & Spa – Adults Only is well suited for couples seeking a relaxing spa experience since it restricts its guest list to those aged 16 and over.

In addition to a salt cave, a gym, and a landscaped sauna area, the spa also has an indoor pool. Of course, a full menu of spa services is available to you and your loved one.

Try your luck on the best hookup sites for casual sex and adult dating if you don’t have somebody to bring to the Canary Islands.

15. Bagan, Burma: Top Exotic Places to Travel

One of our most spectacular unsullied exotic places to travel, the Kings of Bagan constructed these majestic otherworldly temples between 1057 and 1287.

More than 2,000 Buddhist structures rise dramatically above the surrounding verdant plains, making for a breathtaking sight and a fascinating archaeological site.

All the makings of exotic vacation spots may be found in this sliver of Mexico’s southeast that divides the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea. Discover the expansive beaches of Tulum, the cold limestone cenotes, and the whale sharks of Isla Holbox.

On the world’s second-longest reef, a diverse marine species lives just offshore. Casa Malca in Tulum is the place to go if you value aesthetics. The rooms, hallways, and common spaces of this five-star hotel are adorned with works of modern art, adding to the ambiance of the present day.

The large, well-designed suites have made this venue a favorite for weddings. Playa del Carmen’s Palmaa – The House of Aa Wellness Enclave and its guiding principles. It’s one of the best dream vacation spots you can find.

Everything, from the “vegan suites” to the chef-prepared meals, to the novel “Architects of Life” program that encourages personal development, all reflect the theme. Is anyone up for some transpersonal astrology, yoga, meditation, or a healing ritual?

17. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

The final frontier of the Philippines is a tropical paradise with marble cliffs and turquoise lagoons teeming with exotic species.

El Nido is the ideal destination for your next exotic place to travel. In addition to its wonderful coastline, it also has lush mangrove forests, tumbling waterfalls, and ancient caverns.

The Whitsunday Islands have become a symbol of Australia’s exoticism due to their striking white and blue landscape. The Great Barrier Reef is a diving paradise and a UNESCO World Heritage Site off the coast of Queensland.

Hiking routes and quiet beaches add to the scenery above water. See the humpback whales on their annual migration between July and September.

The shores of Hamilton Island: The Reef View Hotel is known for its spacious rooms, many of which have private balconies and breathtaking views.

A room with a view of the sparkling Coral Sea is highly recommended to make the most of the hotel’s beachfront position. However, the garden rooms are nice as well.

In addition to a wide selection of standard accommodation types (including family rooms), the hotel also has several luxurious suites.

The two-bedroom terrace or the presidential suite is the finest options for people looking to enjoy exotic vacation spots with a large budget.

While the Palm Bungalows themselves are cheaply priced, nothing else about this place screams “budget.” The private balconies look out over the tropical gardens, and the modern furnishings are bright and airy.

The amenities are also top-notch, with air conditioning, complimentary tea and coffee, Wi-Fi, a fitness center, swimming pools, and tennis courts. In addition, Catseye Beach is just a two-minute stroll away, making the whole world seem like your oyster.

This amazing Incan castle can be found in the Andes Mountains, above the Urubamba River valley in Peru. As a result of their history of construction in the 15th century and subsequent abandonment, they are now a popular tourist attraction.

Known for its complex and majestic dry-stone walls, which seamlessly join enormous blocks without the need for mortar. Yet, they seem anything from simple on the outside.

These mysterious and otherworldly structures are constructed to take advantage of celestial alignments and panoramic vistas. A trip to Peru would be perfect for seeing these breathtaking exotic places.

This tropical island off the southern coast of Cambodia is one of the unique exotic places to travel in the Gulf of Thailand.

Nothing like the bustling tourist hub of Sihanoukville (from whence the boat departs). Here you’ll find just a few simple beach shacks and no traffic.

M’Pei Bay and Saracen Bay are two exotic vacation spots where you can swim with bioluminescent plankton, go on a jungle trek, or relax in a hammock while sipping a coconut.

There is a playground for the kids and many more fun things to do at One Resort (think snorkeling, diving, and fishing).

The resort’s two pools and private beach provide welcome relief from the heat, and the on-site restaurant makes mealtimes a breeze. Moreover, there are bungalows and connecting rooms available for families. It’s one of the best dream vacation spots you can find.

The exotic vacation spots of the white and blue beach huts at Sarasea Resort are the best value option, and they come complete with patios where you can relax and people-watch.

There is a bar, a garden, and a personal beach for guests to use. Although they seem rustic, each bungalow has a flat-screen TV, which you probably won’t need because the ocean is just outside.

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