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Olivia Arezzolo sleep expert shares 22 of her best sleep tips from 2022, part one

Olivia Arezzolo sleep expert shares 22 of her best sleep tips from 2022, part one

Olivia Arezzolo, Overall body+Soul’s resident rest expert, shares her prime 22 recommendations for finding the finest rest you can now, and how to choose it with you into 2023. 


Snooze: it can be absolutely free. And we all want far more of it, so why is it so tough to get? Precisely – that reliable, restorative, uninterrupted, eight-hours-a-night kinda sleep. Which is why we’ve enlisted Sydney-based mostly sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo to resolve our myriad of sleep considerations with our Slumber Perfectly Wednesdays series. Verify back each individual fortnight and you are going to be off to the land of nod before you know it.

As the 12 months attracts to a close, and we dangle up our heels immediately after (yet another) Xmas social gathering, several of us are reflecting – myself integrated. Creating this from the lush rainforest of Ubud, Bali, I want to say thank you for examining, listening and when probable, taking action.

I know it is not normally straightforward to commence or to stay enthusiastic, but the sheer fact that you are reading through these article content implies to me you truly care about your rest and your most effective self. So kudos to you!

To assistance you along your way now and nicely into the New Yr, in this article is a wrap-up of the 22 finest sleep guidelines of 2022. And remain tuned for element two!

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How to change your routine for the best night’s sleep 

Block out blue mild 

I’ve harped on about this for a long time, and it is even now my selection 1 suggestion if you’re making an attempt to slumber much better.

Melatonin, our learn snooze hormone, is only developed in the absence of this rest sabotaging gentle. Further more to that, individuals wearing blue light blocking glasses can slide asleep 78 per cent faster than those not carrying them – so get on to it, stat. 

Keep away from social media

Even though blocking out blue light-weight is practical, this does not necessarily mean you can be on your cellular phone just right before mattress (sorry!) As pointed out in a 2012 study, utilizing a cellular phone an hour ahead of bed increased the likelihood of having about an hour to slide asleep by 48 for every cent.

In the same way, a 2017 analyze by College of Pittsburgh School of Medicine identified that working with social media in the 30 minutes prior to bed increases your probability of disturbed snooze by a whopping 62 per cent.

Read through a ebook

Swap social scroll time for reading through and you can decreased your strain by 68 per cent – according to 2009 investigate. Place this on your action program for 2023 – due to the fact, along with superior sleep, we all want considerably less strain.

Health supplements for sound relaxation

Just take magnesium bi-glycinate, di-glycinate or citrate 

Magnesium is a main element of my signature bedtime regime for a motive. The the vast majority of us are deficient in this significant mineral, which can be obvious in signs this sort of as nervousness and a restless intellect. 

Really do not just choose magnesium

Ashwangadha, omega 3’s, melatonin, even collagen – all have scientific proof supporting their potential to improve snooze. Discuss to your reliable healthcare expert and uncover which is most acceptable for you. 

Don’t consider sleeping tablets 

Steer apparent of sleeping supplements, you should! As you will encounter adhering to working day exhaustion, dependence, and withdrawal results that incorporate insomnia.

The suitable bed room set up for strong shut eye

Get a excellent mattress

What’s ideal for you isn’t automatically the exact same as what is appropriate for your partner or very best mate, and which is okay. Swapping your mattress can improve sleep by 55 for each cent, so make certain you have the foundations of snooze proper (virtually).

Continue to keep it neat – actually, genuinely great

Air con set to a chilly 18 levels, thermoregulating bedding in a organic fibre these types of as bamboo, cotton or linen, a highest thread rely of 400 – all will endorse a interesting main overall body temperature, which is fundamental for melatonin synthesis. 

Attempt a weighted blanket

Excellent for people with anxiousness, a 2018 research by the University of Massachusetts identified that 68 per cent of people felt significantly less anxious when making use of just one.


If you will have to, drink in the afternoon – not evening

A 2013 paper by Snooze Health Basis specifies trying to keep at the very least 4 hours among your last consume and bedtime, centered on the assumption this will render you alcoholic beverages-free by the time you drift off to snooze.

Liquor, even just one particular glass, can add to nighttime wake ups – specifically at 3, 4 and 5am

In part thanks to the rebound outcome, in portion mainly because alcoholic beverages suppresses REM snooze. Regardless of the pathway, this leaves you sensation fatigued relatively than contemporary so be aware of what you’re consuming this silly period – please!

Olivia Arezzolo is a rest specialist who holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) a certificate of Rest Psychology, diploma of Well being Science (Nutritional Medicine) Certificate of Conditioning III + IV. You can come across her online in this article.

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