June 24, 2024

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Bali’s Abandoned Boeing 737 To Be Turned Into Stunning Luxury Villa

Bali’s Abandoned Boeing 737 To Be Turned Into Stunning Luxury Villa

Sleep in a converted 737 perched on a hilltop, complete with infinity pool and a bathtub in the cockpit?

Image: Felix Demin

Very few travelers do not like Bali. The island, as a destination, has something for everyone. Sure, some areas feel overexploited, but if that is your objection, all you have to do is head inland and to the mountains to find some otherwise elusive tranquility – or you can rent your very own luxury villa hilltop 737 to sleep in for a few nights.

The energy of Bali has also drawn creatives from near and far, that make it their home for a season or a few years, or more. Among these are architects that construct hotels and other buildings that (often) blend seamlessly into the lush nature of the volcanic island. However, some projects are a little more conspicuous – and worthy of dreams of avgeeks everywhere.

Boeing 737 on hilltop cliff

Photo: Felix Demin

Two bedrooms and sunset views

In 2021, Russian entrepreneur Felix Demin purchased an abandoned and disused former Mandala Air Boeing 737. The aircraft is now in the process of being converted to a two-bedroom villa.

737 on cliff

Photo: Felix Demin

Of course, it will come complete with a wing-top terrace and an infinity pool for good measure. It will be available for travelers (or, we can imagine, editorial teams for fashion spreads and the like) from March this year.

jet villa wing terrace

Photo: Felix Demin

Iconic surroundings

As reported by Business Insider, it took a week to transfer the aircraft to its new hilltop location after securing all the permits in September 2021. It was moved in two different sections before being rejoined once perched at its new location. While the fuselage remains the same shape, the cabin and flying systems have all been stripped to make room for everything one could need and more when on a hilltop in Indonesia.

Demin said,

“Externally and structurally, this is a jet aircraft that we have turned into a luxury hotel.”

hilltop 737

Photo: Felix Demin

The property is currently under development, although you can see the artist’s renderings of what it is meant to look like once done below. It will be called the “Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens” and sits on a clifftop near the 1.5-kilometer-long Nyang Nyang beach, close to the epically famous surf destination of Uluwatu.

rendering of lounge area

Photo: Felix Demin

rendering bedroom

Photo: Felix Demin

However, the price to sleep in one of the minimalist design bedrooms and enjoy the bathroom in the former cockpit is not exactly surf-hostel range. The project is already listed as available for rent and is going for 113.999.999 Indonesian Rupiah per night. That is approximately $7,367.

rendering living room

Photo: Felix Demin

bathroom villa rendering

Photo: Felix Demin

Another Mandala 737 conversions

Mandala Airlines was an Indonesian carrier that ceased operations in 2014. The airline operated a total of 18 Boeing 737s over the mere four years it was active. All but two were 737-200s, and the odd-ones-out were 737-400s. One of the latter has also found a different life post-flight and is preserved as a restaurant in Wuhan, China, known as Lily Airways.

Another budget Boeing

Should the price tag for the private hilltop 737 feel a little steep, if you are dreaming to sleep in an older Boeing, there is always the JumboStay Boeing 747 at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Granted, it lacks an infinity pool, and you don’t get a cockpit bathroom all to yourself, but the proximity to the airport is pretty unbeatable.

What do you make of the jet turned luxury villa? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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