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Bali Accommodations: Are Hotels or Villas Better?

Bali Accommodations: Are Hotels or Villas Better?

Bali is a bucket-list destination as it’s filled with serene natural beauty. From the lush forests and rice fields in Ubud, Banyumala Waterfall in the lush North Bali highlands, and the beaches in Seminyak, Bali is a dream location where you get the chance to indulge in both rest and recreation.

Aside from picking excursions like a day trip to Nusa Penida, experiencing the iconic Bali swings, or plunging in a beautiful flower bath, accommodations are a big decision on your journey.

Hotel resorts, for example, allow you to splurge on fine dining and luxurious spa experiences, while staying in villas offers a more intimate setting while experiencing life as a local.

So how do you know if Bali hotels or villas are better for your stay?

pool and exterior view of a villa in Bali - Bali Hotels or Villas
Photo Credit: Daniel Faust

What Is The Trip Type?

One of the first things to consider is the kind of trip you are embarking on.

Is this a solo trip? A trip with friends? Or a getaway with a significant other?

For solo travelers, hotels are a good option for personal safety and to meet other travelers to venture off with. Hotels abroad require the identification of all guests, so there is a better sense of security.

For privacy, villas are the best option. This will allow you to have a space for your entire party without waiting to access most hotel and resort amenities, such as pools, pool lounges and sunbeds, gyms, restaurants, and spas.

You can even bring Balinese culinary experiences to you, including massages and the viral floating breakfast, by using platforms like Airbnb Experiences. You can also book a personal photographer without worrying about guests getting in your images.

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Think About Costs

An intimate experience means you will have to pay more for villa-style accommodations. Villas can be more expensive than hotels.

The average night of a hotel in Bali hovers around $149 per night. Some hotels, such as the Prama Sanur Beach Hotel Bali, cost as low as $43 per night, according to Kayak.

The average villa in Bali starts at $200 per night, but keep in mind that prices increase for a larger home.

According to Bali.com, the most luxurious villas with 6 to 8 bedrooms can easily start at $3,000 per night. The benefit of villa accommodations is the ability to split costs between your party. The more you pay, the better amenities you will obtain. Enjoy private access to features including a gym, game room, iconic infinity pools, and in some cases, a private tennis court.

Consider Your Activities

One factor that gets lost when planning a trip to Bali is every area is different. Think about New York City as an example. Manhattan is where you find the most touristy attractions, such as Times Square and Broadway. There are gems in Manhattan, like Harlem, where you will find jazz clubs and Black culture.

Then there’s the borough of Brooklyn, where you can find more greenspace in New York City and the best views of Manhattan’s skyline. Brooklyn has fantastic food, waterfronts, street art, and must-see attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now apply what you know about New York City to Bali.

Kuta and Legian Region

The Kuta and Legian region boasts stunning beaches, busy markets, bars, and beach clubs. It’s a popular and touristy area of Bali. If you plan to stay here,  resorts and hotels are your best bet to keep up with the hustle and bustle.

Seminyak is another favorite among tourists. It’s a trendy island area with 5-star beach clubs, trendy bars, and the island’s most popular restaurants and cafes. While it’s just as popular as Kuta and Legian, you will find that some of the island’s best villas are in Seminyak.


Over the last few years, Cangguu has become a top tourist spot where you will meet a lot of digital nomads and expats.

It was previously known to be a quieter part of Bali, but it’s getting busier as more people explore this once-hidden gem. It’s not quite as active as Kuta and Legian, so luxury villas will be the best accommodations.


Ubud is for people who want to explore life outside the city as it’s situated in the mountains. You can soak in Bali’s natural beauty and iconic rice fields here. Ubud is home to the famous Sacred Monkey Forest and most Bali swings.

It’s also where people on a spiritual journey frequent, so there’s nothing better than a villa for privacy. You will also find some unique stays, like the Swasti Eco Cottages.

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